Making the Switch to LED Parking Lights

Making the Switch to LED Parking Lights

Business owners looking for subtle ways to improve the exterior appearance of their buildings would do well to consider making the switch to LED lights in their parking lots. Traditional high-intensity discharge fixtures wash out colors, can cost more than necessary on energy bills and are energy vampires. Learn why switching to LEDs is not only beneficial for you as a business owner, but for your customers as well.

Overall Energy Costs

What makes LEDs so energy efficient is the fact that they don’t require the same amount of energy to put out the same intensity of light as traditional HID lights. It’s not unusual to hear to business owners saving roughly $3,000 a year by switching to LEDs for the parking lot.

The Cost of Maintenance

Because LEDs don’t consume as much energy as standard HID lights, they often last longer than their traditional counterparts. What’s even better than the long life of LEDs is the fact that they are easily maintained for maximum functionality with an occasional cleaning. Alternatively, the lamps of HID lights have to be replaced, which can cost anywhere from $8 to more than $50. Another great thing about LED lighting is you don’t have to worry about the cost of electrician labor and the lift rental in order to replace blown out bulbs.

LED Brightness and Color

Individuals who are used to seeing the world through the light cast by an HID light are accustomed to the green, orange and natural white hues given off by the light fixture. These washed out colors often aren’t an accurate representation of the objects illuminated by the HID light, which can sour a customer’s view of the exterior of your business before he or she has even stepped inside.

The color and brightness accuracy of LEDs in your parking lot combine to allow for better security, which is sure to reassure customers as well as your employees. While both HID and LEDs experience lumen depreciation over time, LEDs depreciate at a much more gradual rate.

Replacing Hazardous Lighting Materials 

The materials inside of HID lights and the chemical reaction that takes place when light is created in HID light fixtures can be hazardous to a person’s health, and that’s especially true of the bulb were to burst. While both HID and LED lighting give off UV radiation, LEDs give off less when compared to HID lights.

Make your parking lots more secure, healthier and less expensive to light up and maintain with LEDs. Illuminate the path to true savings and peace of mind for yourself as well as your customers. Get started by calling NextGen LED at 301-804-2986.