Why LED Light Sensors May Be Right for Your Property

Why LED Light Sensors May Be Right for Your Property

Property managers know how important it is to keep exterior lights working at their peak. Whether you rely on them for convenience, security, or both, exterior light performance can be made better with sensors. Sensors allow you to automate your lighting system and avoid the constant tweaking required with manual or timer systems. Instead, let the sensors do the work for you.

Most properties experience very little activity at night, making constant lighting unnecessary. If you don’t want complete darkness, opt for a majority of sensor lights and a few constant lights.

Your LEDs are already saving you when it comes to energy expenses. Installing sensors can take these savings even further!

Save Energy and Increase ROI

Your building saves energy with light sensors. With sensors, your lights go off when unneeded, and you avoid the cash drain that comes along with exterior lights being left on all night, or even during the daytime. Running your exterior lights all night long is an energy expense that often goes unseen.

Sensors may even increase security measures by startling unwanted trespassers.

Installation Tips for Maximum Performance

Many light sensors adjust naturally depending on the power of the sun. This means that there is no need to repeatedly program a light timer every new season. Instead, you simply let the sensors do their job. You can even mount your sensors away from the wall light unit to take more advantage of the natural lighting conditions.

During installation, aim to point your sensors north to help your lights capture the sunlight at its natural arc. This positioning can help create ideal conditions to keep the lights on only when needed.

Light sensors are a great solution for automated and simple exterior wall lighting control. Find out more about how LED lighting solutions and ROI by contacting NextGen LED at 301-804-2986. Our expert team offers turnkey energy management solutions for properties and facilities in a variety of industries. Let’s get started with a complimentary energy audit at your location.