How an Energy Management Company is Different from a Lighting Company

How an Energy Management Company is Different from a Lighting Company

When you think of commercial lighting, your mind may not automatically go to “savings”. But, that is exactly where energy management can start. With new advances in LED lighting technology, conserving energy can add up to real savings on your bottom line.

Finding advice on how to conserve energy, and thus save money, through lighting is making buildings more environmentally sustainable as well as more economically viable.

NextGen provides creative energy management solutions to the commercial and municipal marketplace. As partners, we bring experience in real estate development, property management, sustainability, and green tech finance. The answer to comprehensive energy management requires a turn-key system packed with custom solutions and services for your portfolio.

A Lasting Partnership

By finding an energy management company, you are choosing a partner in your financial future. Regardless of your industry, there is an LED lighting solution that will be able to provide measurable return on investment compared to your current commercial lighting. The right partner can help source high quality equipment while taking advantages of rebates and other savings available. If done correctly, reducing your building’s energy consumption will reduce your long-term energy and maintenance costs, so it is important to find a partner who understands your business needs.

More than Installation

While a lighting company is able to help you choose and install new fixtures, the goal of energy management is to partner with clients to help them get the best results and long-term savings through lighting. This is about more than choosing new fixtures, and an energy management partner will likely want to begin by conducting an analysis of your property’s current usage. Together you will discuss what your building needs internally and externally, and how that can be achieved through cost and energy-saving LED lights. The right management company will be able to walk you through the different options for your properties, what the upfront costs and logistics of transitioning your building’s commercial lighting to a lower-energy LED lighting system will be, and what that means for your future savings.

Take the next step in controlling your business’ financial future by learning how NextGen goes above and beyond just installing new lights. Give our team a call at 301-804-2986 and let’s start with a complimentary energy audit.