Commercial LED Lighting Design Basics

Installing LED lights is an extensive project for any business to undertake. It is a lot more complicated than simply removing your old light bulbs and putting in new LED diodes. You need to consider every aspect of the project before proceeding, and here are some of the basics to familiarize yourself with.

You Can Start Recouping Investment Immediately

A big reason to look into installing LED lights is the fact they are more energy efficient than regular fluorescent lights you typically find in older buildings. This means your power bills can be drastically reduced. Most businesses will have the lights on for a minimum of eight hours each day, so it is beneficial to find something more cost-effective.

While it does cost some money for the initial installation, you can begin seeing a return on your investment immediately. Many times, business owners see reductions in electric bills within the first month. Within a few years, you may recover the entirety of the initial upfront costs.

You May Need a Combination of Lighting Sources

An LED retrofit may not necessarily entail removing all the old fluorescent bulbs and replacing them with LED lights. Another consideration with LED lights is where exactly you need the light directed in a room. Fluorescent bulbs merely give off light at 360 degrees, which may work in some cases but not others. When considering a retrofit, you need to consider where in the building LED lights would work best.

Before installing new lights, you want a professional to conduct an in-depth analysis of your energy usage and building needs. After this analysis, you will have a much better understanding of how LED lights can best benefit you.

An LED installation can be time-consuming, but it is a lot simpler when you hire NextGen LED for the job. All you need to do is call us at (301) 804-2986, and our professionals will start getting to work.