LED: Lighting Advances Lead to Greater Energy Savings

Traditional glass bulb and energy savings, business concept

If you have been looking into energy savings and lighting options, you have likely come across information about LED. Compared to lighting choices, such as halogen-based illumination systems and tungsten incandescent bulbs, LED provides options that allow commercial establishments to get more out of their lighting.

Shaping Light

One very interesting advance is the ability for manufacturers to shape the output of light that is produced by LED bulbs and similar fixtures. This is because this lighting option has the ability to emit light in every direction. If the optics are too broad for a specific application, you have some control over this too. For example, you can utilize a reflector, lens or another type of secondary optic, to better direct the light to where you want it to go. These secondary optics options are mounted directly to the primary light device.

Alternative Wavelengths

Lighting technology that allows for alternative wavelengths makes it possible to better differentiate between colors that are nearly identical under other types of lighting. This can be accomplished by using short-wave infrared LED lighting options. Those who work to develop LED advances are making it possible to use an integrative approach to create a single unit comprised of hundreds of LEDs for this purpose. This makes it possible to use just one unit to get high-intensity light that allows for a crisp view of color.

Increased Strobing

LED technology is making it possible to increase strobing light output by 10 times the usual when a light is in constant operation. This is thanks to multi-die arrays allowing for as many as 100,000 per second when in constant operation.

Use this information to determine where you might be able to make some changes to the lighting configuration within your business. Learn more about your options and how LED can make a difference for your company by contacting NextGen today – 301-804-2986.

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