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Lighting within a car dealership is extremely important. First, there is a lot of inventory outdoors and you want to make sure that it is secure. Also, dealerships use lights to capture the attention of potential clients as they drive by. In addition, the lights must accurately represent the color of your vehicles. When a car’s color isn’t displayed properly, that has a negative effect on the customer’s experience.

Ongoing product and maintenance costs can also make up a significant portion of your dealerships operating expense. When you combine the energy savings provided by LEDs, the superior color rendering, very long life-cycles and the ability to eliminate ongoing product and maintenance costs, LED is an application that is custom made for the auto industry.

Our Lighting Service Maintenance Program will enable your business to finance 100% of the costs of a lighting retrofit, and use a portion of the savings to make payments. This enables your business to be immediately cash flow positive, guarantees that you will have no product or maintenance costs for five years, and allows you to capture 100% of the savings at the end of the Lighting Service Maintenance Program.

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