Stop paying 3-5x more for your energy than you need to.

Allow NextGen LED to be your partner in ROI-driven energy management solutions.

Energy Management = Cash Management

If you own or manage your facility, your business is committed to energy expense. How much and at what price is up to you. There are only three components that generate lighting related electricity expense: 1) Cost/KwH, 2) Hours of operation, 3) How much energy do you need to operate your lighting program vs. the amount of energy you are currently using. These are the tools we use to help you optimize you building performance.


These are the services and tools we can provide to evaluate potential energy savings at your facility

  • Energy Use Studies:
    • Virtual Energy Assessment: Compare current consumption by use type to potential performance with energy efficient operations and systems
    • Level I Energy Audit: On-site survey to identify low/no-cost improvement measures, as well as capital improvements with estimated budgets and paybacks on project implementation.
    • Level II Energy Audit: Investment grade energy audit of all energy related operations and systems.
  • KwH cost analysis and energy bidding (electricity and natural gas)
  • Comprehensive Lighting Audits and Utility Bill Analysis


We deliver turn-key proposals

  • Complete LED product specification including manufacturer specification sheets and warranty data
  • Detailed energy, inventory and maintenance savings by efficiency measure
  • Payback analysis and ROI based on your required discount rate
  • Utility rebate calculations and submissions, including rebate-as-payment
  • Environmental benefits and GHG reductions
  • Savings-based finance options



  • Professional project management by licensed electricians
  • Expert knowledge and conscientious attitude to ensure project excellence
  • Management of post-installation warranty claims for premature product failures



  • Before and after circuit meter reading available to confirm energy savings
  • Dashboard-based energy monitoring available
  • Hosted utility grade monitoring with GPS fixture mapping available