What You Need to Know About Commercial Lighting Efficiency

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Lighting a commercial building is different than illuminating a private residence. Not only must building managers keep areas throughout the edifice bright, they must keep a keen eye on the budget. Whether you are considering upgrading your building’s existing lighting or deciding which lighting to install in a new structure, here is everything you need to know about commercial lighting efficiency.

Types of Commercial Lighting

From sunlight to traditional bulbs, there are a variety of ways to light any space. When choosing commercial lighting, however, most business owners pick from the following three lighting types:

  • -Florescent
  • -Metal-halide
  • -Light-emitting diode

Many business owners rely on existing fixtures until they realize how inefficient traditional lighting sources can be. Then, they begin to look for a budget-friendly alternative.

Commercial Lighting Concerns

Even though business owners and property managers can choose from these types of lighting, they usually must consider several factors that are unique to commercial lighting, including:

  • -Installation cost
  • -Replacement cost
  • -Frequency of replacement
  • -Brightness
  • -Color rendering

While each type of lighting rates differently in each area of concern, savvy business owners usually opt for LED lighting whenever they can. That’s because LED lights are usually significantly more efficient than their florescent and metal-halide counterparts. Increased efficiency, of course, means greater electricity savings for budget-conscious property managers.

Electricity Savings

Many commercial buildings have florescent and metal-halide bulbs. While these lighting sources are good at delivering white light, they are notoriously energy-inefficient. LED lights, by contrast, traditionally use electricity more conservatively. Even better, since 2012, lighting efficiency has increased by more than 50 percent, mostly due to modern technology and innovative design. Meanwhile, the cost to install LED lights has dropped considerably in recent years. Finally, researchers have determined that it is possible for LED lights to emit more optical power than the electricity they consume, essentially making them capable of more than 100% efficiency.

For business owners who want to increase brightness while decreasing cost, the electricity savings of LED lights are hard to beat. NextGen LED has the technology and skill to boost any commercial property’s lighting scheme. Contact us today to learn more – (301) 804-2986.

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