Why Your Business Should Replace Neon Lights with LED Lights


Neon lights can be a great way to catch potential customers’ attention and can give your business a unique atmosphere. However, neon lights don’t use the latest technology and can be a hassle to manage at times. Using LED lights to simulate the look of neon can be the perfect solution.

Quality at a Lower Expense

With LED lights, you won’t have to sacrifice your budget or your desire for a high-quality look. LED lights were designed to use less energy than neon lights while still performing beautifully. Instead of spending too much on neon lights, you’ll be saving money over time thanks to the energy efficiency of the LED lights. LED lights is also a quick and affordable process.

Customize Your Space

One reason neon lights have been so well-loved for decades has to do with the lights’ bright, eye-catching look. However, LED lights can offer the same bold look with the flexibility traditional neon lights lack. Combine flexible and inflexible LED lights to suit the aesthetic of your business. The LED lights can be customized to mimic logos, images and more, so you can let your creativity run wild.


In comparison to neon lights, LED lights are incredibly long-lasting. You can get hundreds of hours out of LED lights without worrying about frequent replacements. There is little that needs to be done in order to maintain LED lights as well. Additionally, LED lights are far more durable than neon lights, giving you time and money to spend elsewhere.

When you replace your business’s neon lights with LED lights, your business is sure to stand out from the rest. NextGen LED helps you find the perfect lights for your location and makes installation of LED lights easy. If you need help finding the best LED solution for your business, contact us today by calling (301) 804-2986 or sending an email to marnie@nextgenpartners.info.

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